A Mother Introduces the Storm

Rain comes

eliminating the sky

with glass shards falling down

to make heads bow

melting my clothes

into cold outlines

limits of my skin exposed

forcing me to exist

and witness


like the first time

wind-whipped waves

double the rain

bay flailing livid

like a dying eel

I brought us here

to the shoreline that’s

trying to recruit my son

silt tugs at his toes

while he giggles

he knows how electricity

smells in the air and

it’s my fault

his eyes will remember

the inky tapestry

his ears the orchestra

his skin the salt

his molecules

the element

and a rock pool grows

bleeding navy inheritance

into the next

stumbling around my feet

he raises bloated fists

at the inaugural crack

little tongue hanging

like a petal

waiting to taste

the first drop of the storm

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